The ground tester of Poseidon-Angelsport

The Ground Tester is used where the sonar can’t rovide any useful information. This tool makes finding real hotspots feasible. It is used for scanning and tracking the soil condition. When hitting soft ground or mud, the ground tester automatically takes a mud sample. If the sample is transported to the water surface, the compartment closes automatically.

This gives you valuable information about the quality of the bottom and what is in it. With this useful tool you can easy found the spots of coveted mosquito larvae and fish on it.


Properties  ground tester

  • big comfortable handle
  • stable and sinking 15m long leash
  • made of high quality stainless steel
  • easy to use
  • closes after the test by itself                        
  • sighting of the taken ground sample 

You can find us at stand number 341