Ali Hamidi
“I love visiting Carp Zwolle every year. Not only do I get the chance to catch up with my european colleagues, I also have the pleasure of meeting our army of followers. They come from far and wide to Zwolle, creating a great buzz. See you there in 2019.”
Pieter van
der Werfhorst

CARP ZWOLLE is 25 years old but I can still remember the first time I went to the show. As a young, shy carp fisherman, I had the feeling that I was walking around a giant sweet shop. Everything I’d ever dreamed of could be seen there. Of course, much has changed since then, the show is much bigger now and I’m there representing and demonstrating our products to my fellow carp anglers. For me, CARP ZWOLLE is a show that you really can’t afford to miss.
Ardy Veltkamp
I've been a fanatical carp fisherman for 35 years. I've attended almost every carp show in Europe for my sponsors and can honestly say that none of hem reach the same level as CARP ZWOLLE. Attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of the CARP ZWOLLE show, which is why all the top companies and all the latest products are always to be found in Zwolle. CARP ZWOLLE is the place to be! Get in there!
Frank Warwick
Frank Warwick Baits
Well, what can I say about the Zwolle Show? It's a must for me, not only is it the longest running European show but it’s my favourite and an absolute must! It's a yearly meeting place for the who's who of the carp fishing world. I vote with my feet that's why I'm there every year.
Martin Locke
Solar Tackle
The Zwolle Carp show is undoubtably the best in Europe, with all the leading brands showcasing all their new products for the coming season. As biggest, best and first on the calendar, this exhibition draws thousands of anglers and hundreds of exhibitors from numerous countries. If you only go to one show each year, be sure to make it CARP ZWOLLE.
Bart van den Hurk
KCB International
I remember well as a youngster being dropped off in Zwolle to attend my first ever CARP ZWOLLE show. The show made such a great impression on me, I couldn't believe my eyes. CARP ZWOLLE is the start of the new season, the place where you can see, smell, taste and touch all of the latest carp fishing products which are presented there each year. CARP ZWOLLE is simply the place to be!
Arjen Uitbeijerse
Spiegel Magazine
CARP ZWOLLE is for me an unmissable event!


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