Teflon Drag Washer

Teflon Drag Washer

Teflon Washer for Daiwa and Shimano Reels. Change your Felt Washer into the Teflon Washer and all Problems are gone. No grease needed, Water and Freezeproof absolute Drag friendly with a much better performance as Carbontex Washers. Come to Our stand and Safe Your Set !


Why Teflon?

We all know it from home, when we cook food in the Teflon-coated frying pans, as well as nothing sticks, as well as this effect on our Teflon brake Washers. Far superior to felt and carbon brake washers, because it’s no longer necessary to grease. The Washers are used fat-free in the thoroughly cleaned Spools and that’s it. Never again bad starting Spools in a bite, or bonded felt by water. Even snow and ice do not set the Washers, because the waxy surface simply can`t stick to it. The advantage over the standard felt discs and carbon is obvious:

Custom reels

• Teflon Washers are used dry in the Spools, it no longer needs to be greased.

• Frost-resistant to -270 degrees Celsius, so no more problems for people fishing in winter or in adverse conditions
• Heat resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius
• Through the waxy surface, the transition from standstill to motion takes place without jerking
• No material can adhere to Teflon – no water, dirt and the like
• Cheaper to buy
• Completely resting Washers, thus the maximum of static and sliding friction with low surface tension
• Also available for Baitrunner Systems 

In my opinion the best brake system. Simply replace the felt discs with our Teflon discs – without fats, ready!


Link: www.custom-reels.de