Lezingen CARP ZWOLLE 2018

Talks CARP ZWOLLE 2018

Visitors to CARP ZWOLLE 2018 can enjoy various talks and presentations each day. We have, once again, a great line-up of successful carp anglers for you in the CARP ZWOLLE Theater. Want to know who, what and when? Read on.


Ernesto Kamminga

Zig fishing: Tips, tricks and tactics

We all know that carp spend a large portion of the day swimming in midwater. Our indicators don’t move, and we are just waiting for the fish to start bottom-feeding again. Ernesto sees this as a missed opportunity. He’s convinced that if we react positively to the situation, we can turn this quiet time into a fish-catching time!


• Friday 2 February – 13:00

• Sunday 4 February – 12:00


Ernesto Kamminga


Michiel Pilaar & Mark Hofman

In 2017 Michiel and Mark fished ‘hardcore’ in pursuit of big carp on fourteen different foreign waters. The cameras were constantly busy! In this spectacular presentation Mark and Michiel show both the highs and lows of their sessions in France and Slovenia. Not to be missed if you like humour, action, big fish and fun.


• Friday 2 February – 11:00

• Saturday 3 February – 13:00

• Sunday 4 February – 13:00


Michiel pilaar


Michael Aubry

This presentation by Michael is an extensive review of more than fifteen years of carp fishing abroad. He shares his adventures in several different European countries where many large lakes were fished. In addition, several important, striking events and non-everyday items are discussed. Michael discusses the importance of bait and a feeding campaign and reflects on his contemporary fishing. Food for thought for the strategic angler!


• Saturday 3 February – 11:00

• Sunday 4 February – 14:00


Michael Aubry


Pieter van de Werfhorst & Koen Koops

Koen and Pieter are known for their pursuit of beautiful carp. These two rig specialists always try to get the best out of their fishing and attach great importance to detail. In combination with a large dose of fanaticism and watercraft, this produces excellent results for them every year. For carp anglers who want to take their fishing to a higher level, this show is an absolute must.


• Friday 2 February – 14:00

• Saturday 3 February – 14:00


Pieter van der Werfhorst


Sjakie & De polderboys

In the rich history of CARP ZWOLLE, the names of these guys are etched in gold. Sjakie & De Polderboys have filled venues, not only at CARP ZWOLLE, but also at home and abroad. Their slideshows guarantee humour and a beautiful, atmospheric display of their fishing. Once again, the guys have blown the dust off of their slide projector and will blow you away in Zwolle!  Enjoy 2.0!


• Friday 2 February – 12:00

• Saturday 3 February – 12:00

• Sunday 4 February – 11:00


Sjakie en de Polderboys


All the shows will take place in the CARP ZWOLLE Theater, between halls 2 and 4.
Compere: Roelof Schut


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