István Orbán

István Orbán – Architechted Carp Fishing

István Orbán is the managing director of Keen Carp and a bait expert. In his lecture he examines the habitat of the carp, fake marketing news about bait, getting more bites, reducing bait costs and selectively fishing for big carp. Clients of Keen Carp have caught more than a thousand 20+kg carp in recent years, including many fish over 30, 35 and even 40 kg. Catching a big carp has never been easier!

  • WIE: István Orbán
  • LANGUAGE: English with German translation
  • WAT: Big carp, Bait, Tactics
Christopher Paschmanns

Christopher Paschmanns – Single Hookbaits, Big Carp

Many carp anglers find it difficult to fish only with hookbaits, without adding extra ‘freebies’. For Christopher Paschmanns, this tactic is one of the best ways to catch a massive carp. In his presentation he explains how he offers single hookbaits on a baited swim and which factors are in play at that moment. This talk should not be missed by any carp angler who is looking to adjust and improve his approach.

  • WIE: Christopher Paschmanns
  • LANGUAGE: German
  • WAT: Tactics, Bait, Tips, Big carp
Hans Hellendoorn

Hans Hellendoorn – 40 Years of Carp Fishing

Hailing from the north of Holland, Dutch carp angler Hans Hellendoorn has been involved in carp fishing since time immemorial. During his presentation he will take you on a trip through his fishing life during the past 40 years. From his earliest youth to the present-day Hans has been under the spell of carp fishing. From small, wild carp to giant old mastodons; they were all captured on his photo camera. The waters that pass by vary from Northern Dutch canals to large French reservoirs.

  • WIE: Hans Hellendoorn
  • LANGUAGE: Dutch
  • WAT: History, Stories, Fishing in the Netherlands
Simon Crow

Simon Crow – Searching for Big Carp

Englishman Simon Crow has been catching large carp from across Europe for decades. His knowledge and experience have also been catching the imagination of carp anglers in The UK and abroad for a considerable time. This year he will share his knowledge with you, the CARP ZWOLLE visitors. Simon adapts his approach to the water he’s fishing and above all, his very meticulous approach works! In his talk, waters pass by that perfectly fit into your own carp fishing. The tips and advice that will be given will provide more carp on your unhooking mat. This is not be missed!

  • WIE: Simon Crow
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • WAT: Europe, Big carp, Stories, Tips
Alex van Voorst

Alex van Voorst – Fishing on Pay Lakes in France

After thirteen DVDs and a book about fishing on French pay lakes, Alex van Voorst finally gives a long-awaited talk at CARP ZWOLLE 2019. In the past eighteen years Alex has fished more than 100 different French pay lakes. His presentation is not only about what is good and bad, but more about his personal vision. Fishing on heavily-fished waters is discussed extensively, as pressure on the fish should always be considered when approaching pay lakes.

  • WIE: Alex van Voorst
  • LANGUAGE: Dutch
  • WAT: France, Big Carp, Pressure
Claudia Darga

Claudia Darga – Pay Lakes and Public Waters

An increasing number of carp anglers are looking for action on pay lakes and public waters, partly due to the success stories that appear in the media. However, some pay lakes also have less attractive aspects, such as the purchase of stolen fish. On the other hand, public waters also have two faces. Large bodies of water where there is plenty of space and beautiful fish swimming are fantastic, but if your car gets broken into, that idyllic image disappears like snow in the sun. Claudia Darga highlights both types of water.

  • WIE: Claudia Darga
  • LANGUAGE: Friday and Sunday English, Saturday German
  • WAT: Big Carp, Baits, Tips

Joris Weitjens – Mirror Carp Project

For many carp anglers, the stocking of carp is very common. Nothing could be further from the truth, because not so long-ago carp stocking in The Netherlands was an imprecise business. Joris Weitjens, the godfather of the mirror carp projects, gives an insight into the importance of carp stocking. Never before has the growth potential, growth rate and the patrol behaviour of carp varieties been so explicitly mapped out. This lecture is mandatory for every carp angler who cares about carp fishing.

  • WIE: Joris Weitjens
  • LANGUAGE: Dutch
  • WAT: Mirror carp projects, Carp stocking


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