Spice Up Your Carp Fishing

Following on from its incredible success in testing and the amazing results following its launch in autumn 2014, Solar’s new Chilli Club bait became a ‘world beater’ as it secured victory at the World carp Classic 2014 event for the event winners.


Rarely does any new bait create such an impact and enjoy such notable results so quickly. It’s testament to the sheer quality and effectiveness of the Chilli Club, and you can take a look at the entire range for yourself by visiting the official Solar Tackle stand at Carp Zwolle 2015.



The launch of the new Chilli Club bait has seen the legendary Club Mix bait taken to the next level. Formulated, tested and perfected by Martin Locke and the Solar team throughout 2014, the Chilli Club builds on what is arguably the most successful big-carp bait of all time, the original Club Mix recipe. Still utilising the awesome Squid and Octopus Koi Rearer, the Chilli Club benefits from the addition of chillies, cayenne pepper, Scottish salmon meal and a massively boosted attractor profile. The result is that this one of those baits that when you open the bag you just know it’s a winner. The new bait forms part of Solar’s exclusive 4th Rod Special range.



Link: www.solartackle.co.uk