Sonik sports


The 2019 CARP ZWOLLE Show sees hot upcoming brand Sonik release its best ever range of new products. With two world beating new rod ranges, five stunning new reels, the ultimate new brolly system, a ground-breaking new alarm and receiver set plus a host of new additions to the best-selling SK-TEK series of levelbeds, chairs, sleeping bags and luggage items, this year’s event looks set to be a real bonanza!

First and foremost sees the awesome Gravity X carp rods replaced with a new, even better range of top end rods called the Gravity XT. These trend setters have blanks that are made from a totally new and upgraded Nano Particle Resin material together with a ‘continuous power transfer’ reverse spigot joint system. This allows a near parallel butt resulting in more power for extreme long casts whilst retaining a forgiving fast recovery tip for accuracy and safe playing of fish without hook pulls. Models include a 10’ 3lb right up to 13’ 3.5lb, plus two Spod and Marker Hybrid rods available in both 12’ and 13’ versions.

Gravity X carp rods

Meanwhile for the more compact, urban style of carp angler, we have what promises to be one of the biggest selling new rod ranges in 2019, namely the XTRACTOR series of rods. Featuring a part telescopic butt section which allows them to be packed down to a shorter, more convenient length for transport they are available in 9’ 2.75lb & 3lb, plus 10’ 3.25lb & 3.5lb lengths, which pack down to only 113cm (44”) and 127cm (50”) respectively. With RRPs from only €69.95 they offer incredible performance and specification for the money and need to be seriously checked out at the show.

New reels include the VaderX 5000 and 6000 FS (free spool) models which are ideal to pair with shorter carp rods and retail at only €59.95, while the new DominatorX 6000 & 8000 RS big pits have an improved quick drag and super slow oscillation for perfect line lay. They also now feature a Quik-Clik™ folding handle with a neat wooden barrel shaped handle. At the top end of the range is the stunning new Tournos XD 10000 reel which replaces the original Tournos 10000 big pit and features a super slow oscillation line lay, QUIK CLIK ™ folding handle, 14+1 stainless shielded ball bearings and twin spring-loaded line clips. This is a thoroughbred workhorse of a reel that delivers on every level and deserves serious consideration from anyone looking to upgrade their set of longer range reels.

 VaderX 5000 and 6000 FS

Tournos XD 10000

As if this wasn’t enough, Sonik have re-written the rule book on fast erect shelter systems with the awesome new ARMATEK 60 Brolly. Hugely well received at the 2018 UK trade shows this phenomenal new all-weather system is being heralded as a product that redefines the whole sector. Manufactured from super tough, ultra-waterproof 20,000 HH Armatek fabric, it has a unique tri-pole clip-in support system that is a easy to set up and removes the need for storm poles altogether! With a flat back frame design for massive bedchair space inside and a large air-flow rear vent that can be adjusted from the inside, the system also includes a clip-in internal vapour skin to eliminate condensation. With an overhead storage pocket, plus two large organiser storage pockets on either side, it is great for storing smaller items and valuables in a safe, easy to find location. The zip on/off front panel has large mozzy side panels and is convertible to a panoramic letterbox view with a 2-way removable door that has universal clear, green and mozzy window panels for ultimate customisation. With many other useful and well thought out features, it is easy to see why this is going to be one of the best selling top-end brolly systems in 2019!

ARMATEK 60 Brolly.

The hugely popular SKS alarm set with free bivvy light which has sold in thousands in 2018 is now supplemented with a new, upgraded version called the SKX 3+1 alarm and receiver set. Also supplied with a free bivvy light that automatically illuminates to match the colour of the alarm that is sounding, this new model features twin multi-colour LEDs with a one touch intelligent mute function that automatically re-arms after silent set up. With seven volume and tone settings, six sensitivity levels and separate forward and backward drop back indication, these impressive new alarms are supplied with 2 screw in snag ears and slip on protective covers. The receiver has a table top cradle holster and works up to 150m range, has silent start up, anti-theft warning, built-in torch function and has 3 modes, low battery warning and takes 2 standard AAA batteries. Retailing at only €289.95 for the whole set it offers incredible value for money and has to be worth a look at the show.

SKX 3+1 alarm and receiver set.

Come and meet the team and check out all these goodies plus more on the Sonik stand number 333.