Carpspot Spot V2 Finder

See what you have been missing

More visibility, less weight and a new feature make the Spotfinder V2 a superb and very successful product. With the Spotfinder you can look directly from the boat to your spot’s, feed in detail, drop off you bait in perfection and of course control fishing spots.

Of course, with the new edition of the SPOTfinder, we have considered all lessons learned from the previous production and usage, which has enabled us to further improve a perfect product by a few points. On the one hand, we have enlarged the lens without changing the external dimensions. In addition, the entire SPOTfinder is about 200g lighter than the old model by no loss of stability. Finally, we have established a small straight plate on the front to attach it to an action cam and / or a LED underwater light to allow video recording or even allow use at night.


The cone of the SPOTfinder consists of weatherproof and UV-resistant polyamide for a long product life. At the top, it is formed for perfect vision without sun’s rays from the side making it difficult to see through reflections. On the face side, it also has a very soft comfortable edge protection and is also suitable for wearers of glasses thanks to the large cut-out.

The lens is made of high-strength Makrolon and is therefore extremely shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Additional features: 

  • Height 54cm
  • Bottom radius 29cm
  • Weight only 1,1kg (Spotfinder Version 1 (1,3kg) / Aquascope (3kg))