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Presentation 3: Jakub Vágner

Jakub Vágner chases fish and adventures to nearly every corner of the globe. He is probably best known to the world for his ‘Fish Warrior’ series on the National Geographic Channel. His expeditions generally lead him to remote and often little explored regions of our planet.

In recent years he has focused on trips to the Amazon River basin in South America as well as the Dark Continent, where he has been investigating the last pearl of Africa; The Congo. 

Jakub will give a different presentation each day at CARP ZWOLLE 2020.

His expeditions lead him to remote and often little researched areas

The amazon basin

An Expedition into the Heart of the Rainforest (English)

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most amazing and at the same time brutal places on our planet. Jakub Vágner is amongst the world’s leading experts on this incredible ecosystem. In his presentation, he will take you into the wild rainforest, both below and above water.

Below and above water


An Expedition to Africa’s Last Pearl (English)

The Congo is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The experiences there go beyond the limits of your imagination. The Congo River is also home to a legendary creature that is the main protagonist of many a myth – the giant tigerfish.

Jakub Vágner
The giant tigerfish

Freshwater Giants

An Expedition to Meet the World’s Largest Fish (English)

Jakub Vágner will take you to the strangest and most dangerous corners of our planet, where you will search for the legends of the freshwater realm.

Freshwater legends

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