The Light for the Champion!

Bivylight® – Europe`s No. 1 is a specialist for High End LED Tent Lights for Carpfishing.

Since 15 years, BIVYLIGHT® is internationally successful with its innovative products in the field of LED tent light systems. So far, the company is a pure and effective family enterprise.  

All our products are made exclusively of high-quality materials and they convince by an elaborated development, quality and robustness. Bivylights are always state-of-the-art technology. Every single Bivylight is purely handcrafted “MADE IN GERMANY” with a 3-year guarantee and a 24h service.

…more than 10,000 carp anglers appreciate it all over the world – TRUST Bivylight®. 


Our concept is: “The light for the Champion!”



You can find us in hall 1, stand # 104, where we expect you with attractive exhibition prices.

We feel confident that the quality and functionality of your products will inspire you, too.
Here are some of our products.

*** Automatic Bivylight® Carpsignal BL SX-1 ***

Europe’s No. 1 – The Original! The winner – European Fishing Award!  Multiple purchase recommendation! The VolksBivylight! … Already a legend! Automatically activated, noise controlled Bivylight.

The ONE for EVERBODY! The automatic Bivylight Carpsignal BL SX-1 is compatible with every common receiver! Tried and tested quality made in Germany!

• Automatically activated and sound-controlled Bivylight
• The smallest automatic Bivylight worldwide for all customary sounderbox and receiver
• Adjustable sensibility of bite signal
• Continuously adjustable fade-out time of approx. 1 sec to 210 sec
• Easy fastening with included magnet fastener (32 mm support surface)
• Offers more comfort because sleeping with a headlight becomes unnecessary

Available in LED colors white, red, green and blue.


World Premiere – BIVYLIGHT® proudly presents:

*** Bivylight® Rod Pod Marker RIVER 3.0 ***

Bivylight® Rod Pod Marker 3.0 – ALL IN ONE!
The world’s only BANKLIGHT in the carp anglers sector that combines three LIGHT variants in one LED LIGHT.

Rod Pod LIGHT (4 white-coloured LEDs in the middle of the front face as well as one left and right at the bottom side),
Lighting range approx. 10-25 m (large-area).
Field of use: vicinity spotlight; provides sufficient light for bating or tensioning the fishing line.
Additional illumination for night shots or fixed light source for scoop netting the fishes.

POSITION LIGHT (3 red-coloured LEDs, in the middle of the front face as well as edgewise),
Lighting range approx. 800 m (light ray straight and laterally)
Field of use: Orientation light, navigation light for large lakes and at the riverside.

AUTOMATIC NIGHT LIGHT (1 LED colour: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) in the middle of the rear side.
Lighting range exceeding 150 m at all weather conditions.
Operating modes: On/Off freely connectible as Rod Pod LIGHT or Navigation LIGHT-MODE via the button on the rear side.
LED-Colour: Red, Green, Blue selectable via the button on the rear side. Field of use: Automatic orientation light at fishing site /Bank light (light ray 360°, glare-free).



*** Bivylight® Professional Bundle 3.0 ***

THE NEW “all-round carefree package” from Bivylight® is here!

LED LIGHTs for Carpfishing from Germany.
Tested by professionals – proven quality – and of course “Handmade in Germany”.


• 1 Bivylight Carpsignal BL SX-1 incl. LED Flex Kit.
• 1 Bivylight Rod Pod Marker RIVER 3.0
• 2 Bivylight Hard Case
• 1 Bivylight Universal Magnet Holder for Receiver (Set.)

Casing color selectable: camouflage or black.


*** Bivylight® Automatic Rod Pod Light BL RPL-1 *** 

Outshining the hell! Automatically activated, noise controlled Bivylight Rod Pod Light.
The Automatic Rod Pod Light BL RPL-1 is compatible with ALL bite indicators and receivers.



You can find us in hall 1, stand # 104, where we expect you with attractive exhibition prices.
In this year, we are also MONSTER LED LENSER® Headlamp Premium POWERSELLER!
We are looking forward to seeing you.

Pre-order under [email protected] / Subject: BL – Carp Zwolle


More Info:

Premium quality from Bivylight®
THE Original – guaranteed:

✔highest quality
✔exclusive VIP service
✔fair prices
✔10,000 customers – high customer satisfaction
✔unlimited reliability
✔European Fishing Award Winner – Most Innovative Product
✔several times recommended by trade journals
✔premium support

Bivylight® – The Original!
Professional LED Tent Lights for Carp Fishing. No.1
Best greetings Yours Bivylight Team.


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