Dream Baits launches the Vitella Range including 3 exclusive show promotions!

At Dream Baits, the Vitella will be for sale for the first time exclusively at CARP ZWOLLE. They link this launch at the show to three exclusive offers that are interesting for any type of angler: two promo packages, a unique launching price and an exclusive bulk bulk deal. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

During development of the Vitella, Dream Baits has focused on making a range of nutrients available that the carp needs and that he can synthezise themselves, or which during certain periods can not be found in his habitat or in other baits that are part of their diet. By adding a mix of essential fatty acids, a premix of stabilized vitamins / minerals, trace elements, anti-oxidation and Aloe Vera Dream Baits is bringing something unique in carp scene again.

Dream Baits op CARP ZWOLLE

The company has linked this thinking to highly digestible base mix with lots of fiber, appetite stimulators and a mix of fermented ingredients. This is to make the whole bait extremely attractive, but also so that a carp can eat enough bait to experience the positive effect of the bait and hence to return to the baited spot.

The taste and smell can be described as a slightly sour / fruity aroma with a creamy touch and taste. The new Vitella dip should be used in combination with the boilie and contains pure Aloe Vera to give the bait an extra coating for the session / or prebaiting. This will also ensure that a maximum of active ingredients can be observed and also absorbed by carp. The Vitella will bring results instantly but is at it best during longer feeding campaigns. It is distinctive compared to other boilies and in addition it will also contribute positively to the health of the carp!

The exclusive CARP ZWOLLE promotions can be found on their Facebook page or of course on their stand at the show!

Link: www.dreambaits.be