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With this echo holder, Carpspot sets new standards. Currently available echo holders to attach the fish finder to the boat differ in many facets, but they are all not properly thought out. On the one hand, stiff and rusty screw clamps make fixing difficult, on the other hand it takes a lot of time to tighten the screw clamps and finally they damage the transom on the boat.

In addition, the monitor is stored in an extra bag or case in the boat and takes up valuable space.For these reasons, we have designed a new, unique echo holder for fish finders that covers all the wishes of the boat user.

Height and range need to be adjusted to your boat transom only once in a lifetime. With every further use, the sonar transducer can be completely assembled and disassembled in less than 3 seconds with one movement using the installed quick release.

The monitor of your sonar is attached directly to the upper plate of the echo holder, while the sonar cable can be wound up very cleanly on the welded hooks.  The top plate of the transducer rod is suitable for all echosounders of all major manufacturers thanks to its well-designed attachment points. The power supply for the echo sounder can be obtained, for example, from the motor battery in order to save the space of an additional battery.

The inclination of the echo holder can be easily adjusted in 3 steps by 90 ° (3 fixed points) using the snap lock. Frequently, the sonar is forgotten to put up when landing with the boat and is consequently damaged. This problem has also been resolved by Carpspot. The resistance of the snap lock can be adjusted as desired so that the echo holder folds in if the resistance is too high, e.g. if the sensor gets in contact with the ground. This can prevent severe damage to the sensitive sounder.

Depending on the seating position on the boat, the snap lock can be attached by the operator on both sides.

The Carpspot echo holder is made entirely of high quality V2A stainless steel, has been passivated by a dip pickling process and is therefore a solid purchase for lifetime. Perfectly lasered parts and weld seams set with the highest concentration underline the quality of this echo holder. All lasered individual parts were also deburred and brushed. 

The span of this system for the boat transom is max. 30mm. However, this can be extended by an additional 20mm with the optional spacer plate.

The Carpspot echo sounder transducer rod is available in 2 lengths (55 and 75 cm) and 2 colors. In addition to the pure stainless steel look, there is also a black powder-coated version. 

Available in the following versions:

  • Stainless steel: 55cm – weight approx. 1480 grams 
  • Stainless steel: 75cm – weight approx. 1620 grams
  • Matt black: 55cm – weight approx. 1480 grams 
  • Matt black: 75cm – weight approx. 1620 grams 

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