Bobbin Trigger Adjuster Bite Indicators

With the Bobbin Trigger Adjuster launches a completely new, patented accessory for the Bite Alarm segment. In this system, the chain or string of the bobbin,  hangers or pendulum bite indicator is passed through a deflector. The deflector can be variably adjusted in height, so that the drop height is reduced accordingly. This prevents the bobbin from overturning when picking up the rod, from bumping against the electronic bite indicator, or from jamming the chain in the cog wheel / sensor of the electronic bite indicator. The angler himself determines the point for triggering the bobbin.

The trigger can be set to release the cord during a run, but not during a line swimmer. Or when lifting up the rod. This can be 0,5cm/ 0,19inch, 1cm/ 0,39 inch, 1,5cm/ 0,59 inch or 2cm/ 0,78 inch above the electric bite indicator.



  • available in 7 colors
  • blue, purple, red, orange, green, white, black
  • Length adjusting arm 9,5cm/ 3,74 inch
  • Pick up deflector fits most standard bobbins