Bivvy Alarm: Protect Yourself!

Personal safety plays an increasingly important role in your fishing sessions today. The risk of being confronted with theft of your carefully build up (valuable) fishing equipment is a reality in many countries.




NEW: also available if you don’t have a Delkim Receiver!

We have also a Alarm for those who don’t have a Delkim Receiver. This Alarm works with his own receiver.


• Infra Red Silent Alarm
• Detection Range 4-7m
• Detection Angle 120 degrees
• Operation > 100 hrs
• Remote Distance > 100m
• Battery Low Signal
• Anti Theft Signal when switched off
• Adjustable sensitivity
• 1 year warranty




Bivvy Alarm voor Delkim Receiver* : € 89,95
* Rx PLUS and Rx PLUS PRO.

Show Offer

Show Offer : Bivvy Alarm + Receiver € 169,95
(Normal price €189,95)

These Alarms are only for sale on CarpZwolle at smart-indicators.


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